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Our membership currently has 402 members in the greater Middletown Ohio area.  I would like our numbers to double by 2020 and need your help.  Would you please email me prospective businesses the could enhance our numbers and provide valuable services to the members.  My email:

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Video-mercials are and excellent way to link your business to your customers through multiple social media platforms...i.e Facebook® , Linkedin® ,available at a very low cost.. We offer professionally produced 30-45 second spots filmed at your location in 30 minutes or less. A drone flyover of your business location is also included.  No Office-No Problem we can shoot your commercial at our studio located in Mason, Ohio.   Email me for details:

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What do you think about having guest speakers on a quarterly basis with business related topics from qualified local industry experts?  Give me some feedback.

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We are considering a Benefit Golf Outing later this year.  Proposing 9 holes at TPC in Franklin with lunch at noon and a shotgun start at 1 PM.  Limited to 60 golfers and anticipating the event to only require 3 hours out of the office, probably on a Friday afternoon.  Projected cost $50 per person that includes lunch, cart and golf.  Any proceeds over cost would be contributed to the Kingdom Community Foundation in Franklin, Ohio.


Come attend our networking meetings, and enjoy some quality conversations with other small business owners. Let's grow each other's small businesses - together! 

In Retirement, Guarantees Matter

A recent study revealed that 79% of Americans plan to continue working once they’re “retired.”1 Why do so many expect to postpone a typical, leisure-filled retirement? One theory points to the decline of pensions and the need to replace the income stream that used to come—guaranteed—from a past employer. Today, only 48% of private sector employers offer defined contribution or traditional defined benefit pension plans.2 And traditional defined benefit plans are disappearing. In 2015, just 20% of Fortune 500 companies offered defined benefit pensions to new employees.3

With private pensions becoming rarer, guarantees in retirement may be few and far between, but it doesn’t make them any less important.

For starters, guarantees might make you happier. Research suggests that retirees get more satisfaction from each dollar of Social Security and pension income than they do from any other source of income.4 That’s because you’re more likely to be confident spending money when you know another check is right around the corner.

Guarantees can also help you be a more confident investor through market ups and downs. Guarantees can be the guardrails you need to stay the course when investing, knowing that you have some protection built into your portfolio. And, with Americans living longer than ever before, guarantees in your overall retirement plan, which can be provided by annuities, may help assure that your money lasts as long as you do. (Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuer.)

Just as no two retirements are alike, not all guarantees are alike, so it’s important to understand the options available to you and to identify what, in your own retirement, you want to guarantee.

This educational, third-party article is provided as a courtesy by Michael Froehle, Agent, New York Life Insurance Company. To learn more about the information or topics discussed, please contact Michael Froehle, New York Life Insurance Company at (513) 324-5442 or Neither New York Life nor its agents provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult with your professional advisor for tax, legal, or accounting advice.

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