Marketing Services

Focused on Helping Our Membership Continually Improve Their Marketing Capabilities

We are now offering you ways to improve your e-experience: 

  1. social media marketing servicesWe offer our members a low cost 30-45 second infomercial highlighting your business and shoot on location. The shoot takes no more than 30-minutes and utilizes your content (100 words or less) and you as representatives of your business. The commercials are professionally shot and edited by our contract videographer with over 12 years of experience, and he enhances the project with a drone flyover of your business. The end results are then uploaded to YouTube with a link available to download to all of your social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  2. Your marketing program should have an annual budget. Success differs by industry, but rule of thumb is 5-10% of your annual sales should be considered. Your individual program could include a combination of newspaper, radio, TV and social media advertising. Recommendations within our network include LDR Design Agency (Beverly Richards, 513-926-9560) and Cox Media Group (Shawn MacIntyre, 937-272-5425) to meet your program objectives. 
  3. With our new website, the B2B Network is now offering a low-cost banner advertising program exclusive to our membership. The banner ads are offered on every page within the website and offer a rotating scheme to change with each page click. Please contact the B2B Network staff if you are interested in this dynamic new offering. 
  4. We will be starting a new weekly blog inside the website to keep members posted on ever-changing happenings in the greater Middletown area and with the membership. Should you have an event or business announcement, B2B Network will gladly broadcast it to our membership. Please, let us know! 
  5. We will be starting a new monthly newsletter that will be appearing in your email beginning in October. We will be offering insights into local happenings in and around the area, and publishing business content designed to help your business continue to succeed. This is designed to be your information source, so if you have news to share send them to us by the 15th of each month. 

The B2B Network is totally committed to helping your business be more successful, and we hope you enjoy this new look and content as we move into year six.

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