Join us for our free Tax Diversification Seminar


new york life insuranceRetirement isn’t what it used to be – especially with people living longer and spending more of their lives as retirees. With fewer companies offering pensions, and Social Security facing an uncertain future, the way we fund out retirement is changing too.

 And Tax rates? While they may be at historic lows now, there’s no telling where they’ll be in the future and how they’ll impact your retirement income.  So, how can you keep more of the savings you’ve worked a lifetime to enjoy?

 Join Michael Froehle of New York Life for our free Tax Diversification Seminar on Thursday October 4, where you’ll learn:

  • Why you should tax diversify your retirement portfolio
  • Where your retirement income may come from
  • What impact taxes can have on your retirement lifestyle
  • How nontraditional options can supplement your retirement income using permanent life insurance, while providing valuable life insurance protection during your working years.

Please see the attached flyer for more information. Be sure to mark your calendar and plan to attend.